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75 Ball Bingo – Get Hooked and Be Booked!

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The gratifying game of 75 ball bingo, mostly played in USA is immensely popular since 1996. There is a common saying that the British love the game of 90 ball bingo while the Americans indulge themselves with 75 ball bingo. From simple single lines to more complicated patterns, this bingo game has it all. Bingo is one of the most delightful game that is being played since decades. Online 75 ball bingo has marked a revolution with its poise and kind of remuneration it provides to its players.


Bingo Card

The 75-ball bingo version of bingo on a 5×5 grid has the center square space usually marked ‘free’. There are 5 columns on the bingo card and the letters B – I – N- G – O sits atop on these columns. The no’s ranging from 0 to 75 is being placed on the card with the free centre space marked with a star.

Get started

The punters adopt different ways to play according. Some use the free download version while the others like to use java script and adobe flash based games. These methods provide rapid access once the player is registered with the site. Numerous sites offer its players match up bonuses and sign up incentives to attract them to the lovely game of bingo.

How to play 75 ball bingo

The question that strikes the newbie is how to play the 75 ball bingo. To educate the players about this superb form of bingo lets go into details.

  1. This popular form of is played in the bingo rooms after purchasing the tickets or cards. The caller calls out the numbers in a random fashion and the player matches them on the bingo card and if the number matches the number on the card then the player covers it or daubs it.

An auto daub feature is also available in which the computers auto daub the called out number by the caller. This excellent feature in the game of bingo enables the players to do multitasking while enjoying the game.

  • The player is rewarded with a prize as soon as he/she is able to strike off 5 numbers. It can be in vertical, horizontal or in diagonal form.
  • The next prize that can be won is by daubing off second line and then third and so on.
  • The last award is for the full house when all 25 numbers are covered.

Numerous sites employ similar chat monitors, graphics and similar bingo rooms to give players a familiar look and feel.

Chat sessions

Although land based bingo rooms strictly prohibits chat, it’s an essential part of online bingo sessions. Bingo targets the female clients and chat sessions are used as a retention tool. Chat monitors use catchy lines and congratulate the winning players. They encourage the players and help answer all their queries.

With the advent of smart phones mobile Bingo is also gaining popularity with a fast pace. So punters can enjoy their favourite online free bingo anywhere, anytime even while on the go.

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