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Are Online Casino Scams?

Posted by admin On March - 20 - 2015 0 Comment

The question if online casinos are scams is a valid one, but in my opinion there is not really a yes or no answer. Chances are, you might have found this article after a losing Online casino (7)session at an online casino, and are pretty much convinced that you were ripped off.

Whether you wear or not we will never really know – but let’s look at some facts.

The majority of online casinos use RNGs. RNG stands for random number generator, and describes the software that is used to determine what the outcome will be on your chosen game. Now, in theory, all casinos are monitored to make sure the numbers generated are truly random, and similar to the outcomes that would be expected in a live game. For example, if you bet on red and black on the roulette wheel, it is extremely unlikely that the same colour will come out 20 times in a row, although of course this could happen, and the software used should reflect this.

Therefore, online casino software by law should follow likely outcomes that would occur on a real live wheel or table.

An insider told me that although online casino systems are monitored, the owners find a way around this by switching the game, or set of numbers used by the software when a player is winning. My own experiences confirm this because systems that generally give you good results at a live wheel simply do not work on RNGs.

I mean, how many professional gamblers have you met who tell you they earn a living playing on RNG casinos? My answer is zero, although I do know people who like myself, claim to make a living playing on live wheels online.

Therefore, my opinion, if online casinos are scams is no – but I do definitely recommend you steer clear of random number generator online casinos.

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