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Ten Winning Poker Hands

Posted by admin On May - 25 - 2015 0 Comment

One: The Royal Flush is the best of the top 10 best poker hands. To get a Royal Flush, players need a ten, a Jack, a queen, a king, and an ace from one suit.

Two: The Straight Flush requires any five sequential cards, such as a five, six, seven, eight, and nine, within the same suit.

Three: The Four of a Kind hand will include four of one type of card, such as four kings. The fifth card can be any card.

Four: A Full House hand involves two sets of matching cards: there should be three matching cards in one match, and the other match should include two matching cards.

Five: A Flush involves five cards from one suit, but the cards aren’t sequential. The rank of individual cards matters, since if two players have a Flush, the player with the most highly ranked card wins.

Six: A Straight has two different sequential sets of cards: a set of three and a set of two. For instance, a seven, eight, nine, ten, and Jack would be a Straight.

Seven: For a Three of a Kind hand, players need a set of three matching cards, such as three fives. The other two cards in a hand like this couldn’t be fives, and they couldn’t match.

Eight: A Two Pair hand features two sets of matching cards and a fifth card that isn’t like either of them. For instance, two aces, two threes, and a seven would represent a Two Pair hand.

Nine: A One Pair hand includes one set of matching cards, with three additional cards that don’t match each other and that are different from the cards in the main match.

Ten: The High Hand has five random cards, but the highest-ranking card could still help the player win.

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